€2 Robots in DIT

In this video, I chat with Kevin Chubb about his final-year project on ultra low-cost swarm robotics, here in DIT’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Kevin’s designing robots that can be built by hand from less than €2 worth of off-the-shelf parts. He doesn’t quite have a swarm yet, but in the video we get to see one of his tiny robots scuttling to and fro.

I for one welcome our competitively priced new robotic overlords!

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2 Responses to €2 Robots in DIT

  1. Andrew says:

    Fascinating, and a bit scary! I’m sure once Kevin’s ideas were productionised and mass produced, the things would be very cheap indeed. Ted I love your site! I’ve spent a good hour fishing around the articles, starting with the DFT implementation.

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