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StillCam – My first experimental WIA still image capture program

I’m working on a program called StillCam, which uses the (horrible) Windows Image Acquisition API to capture a still image from a USB webcam. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work yet. It looks for available devices and opens one if it finds … Continue reading

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ComPlotter – a graphical serial port data logger

I’m working on a simple data logger application called ComPlotter that opens a serial port and reads an incoming plain text data stream, plotting one or more signals in realtime in a scrolling window. The incoming data is assumed to … Continue reading

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Sinusoidal variation of PWM duty cycle with dsPIC30F4011

Reader George Skepas wrote in from Greece with an interesting question about how to make a dsPIC30F4011 produce a PWM signal with sinusoidally varying duty cycle. He and his colleagues are trying to drive the MOSFETs in an inverter circuit, … Continue reading

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Some tips on writing a final year project report

A final year project in electrical engineering usually involves a substantial amount of practical work, whether it be design, analysis, programming, prototype development, testing or something else. Undertaking this aspect of the project in a professional manner and delivering something … Continue reading

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