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PWM servo control example for the PIC18F14K50

This is my first program for the PIC18F14K50 20-pin microcontroller. I haven’t used this chip before, but it seems to have some useful features including USB connectivity, so I intend to investigate it further. This program is a simple PWM … Continue reading

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First attempt at printing to an LCD display from a dsPIC30F4011

The following example is my first attempt at printing to an LCD display using the dsPIC30F4011 microcontroller. The display I’m using is a 16×1 character screen with what I think is a standard Hitachi interface. It’s my first time using … Continue reading


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A dsPIC program to display bytes received via serial link

I wrote the following short program for the dsPIC30F4011 microcontroller to record a sequence of bytes received via serial link (UART 2) and then print the byte values and the corresponding text string via UART 1. I was using this … Continue reading

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Simple PWM example for the PIC18F4620

The PIC18F4620 includes a hardware pulse width modulation feature which is really useful for generating periodic pulse sequences with different frequencies and duty cycles. Applications include motor speed control, servo control, and varying the brightness of an LED. This simple … Continue reading

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