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IGBT control in a buck-boost DC-DC converter

Reader Jil Sutaria wrote in a with a query about controlling four IGBTs in a buck-boost DC-DC converter. Some of the main features of this application are: Two pairs of IGBTs need to be controlled. Each pair of IGBTs share … Continue reading

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Variable exponent in Mandelbrot algorithm

In my previous two posts, I generated images of the Mandelbrot Set using the conventional iterative mapping function to generate the sequence of complex values for each point in the area of the complex plane that was shown. I’m struggling … Continue reading

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More Mandelbrot

Here’s a modified version of the mandelbrot program from the previous post. This time, the generated images are in colour and output in binary PPM format (which is still uncompressed, but a bit more space efficient than the plain text … Continue reading

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Visualising the Mandelbrot Set

I suppose it’s about 20 years since I first read about Benoit Mandelbrot and his pioneering work on fractal geometry. Ever since then, I have been intrigued by how fractal images with beautiful and complex textures can emerge from very … Continue reading

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Visualising logistic map chaos

The other day, I had a fascinating conversation with my friend and colleague, Paul Tobin. I had been thinking about using some kind of chaotic oscillator in a music synthesizer toy I’ve been playing around with and, since Paul is … Continue reading

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Vision: a DirectShow machine vision engine

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working sporadically on a DirectShow reimplementation of the simple machine vision engine I wrote for my Robotics class. The original version used the old Video For Windows API, which is relatively simple, but … Continue reading


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