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Big Foot Magic Hands

Thanks to Shane Ormonde for this simple but very useful idea, which I got from his great blog post on 2D laser mapping which was recently featured on Magic hands but little feet makes for a sorry sight. However, … Continue reading

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Keyboard shortcut to simulate a mouse right-click in CrunchBang Linux

I don’t have Linux installed on my Windows 8 Asus laptop, so when I want to do some Linux work I usually just boot into a live session from a USB key. My favourite Linux distribution is CrunchBang because it’s … Continue reading

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Real-time analysis of data from BioSemi ActiveTwo via TCP/IP using Python

JohnAlan (Jack) Keegan and I have been doing some interesting work on real-time electroencephalogram (EEG) analysis recently and we had a really productive practical session in the lab today. EEG is a recording of electrical activity in the brain, usually … Continue reading

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Programming the PIC16F819 on an LCD03 adapter using a PICkit 2

I was looking around the office for a PIC16F microcontroller to try out some sample code, but I couldn’t find any lying around. My colleague Richard Hayes gave me a little circuit board which is an adapter for serial to … Continue reading

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Simple communication with a TCP/IP device using Python

I had an interesting correspondence recently with Wim Bruyn from Holland who was using my SerialSend program to implement a remote-controlled relay system for switching appliances on and off automatically. The relays Wim is using (ETH002) are actually controlled via … Continue reading

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