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€2 Robots in DIT

In this video, I chat with Kevin Chubb about his final-year project on ultra low-cost swarm robotics, here in DIT’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Kevin’s designing robots that can be built by hand from less than €2 worth … Continue reading

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Basic example program for MSP430G2231

My colleagure Damon Berry and I have just spent a couple of hours playing around with a selection of components that we’re considering including in an ultra low-cost robotics kit that we’re designing. The kit is intended for a series … Continue reading

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Stepper motion control from signals on SD card (co-author: Mark Flanagan)

Note: This post is co-authored by Mark Flanagan. Mark is blogging about his final-year project here and has also posted a really interesting account of his preliminary investigative work here. Mark’s project concerns the development of a fascinating robotic simulator … Continue reading

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