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Minimum Viable Program for PIC12LF1572

Kevin Chubb (currently a final-year project student here in DIT) is designing a tiny robot using Microchip’s compact PIC12LF1572 microcontroller. It’s an interesting chip and Kevin’s doing great things with it. I decided to strip back one of the example … Continue reading

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dsPIC Workshop: Digital i/o, timing, PWM, UART

Today’s dsPIC programming workshop will take place from 2-4pm  in room KEG-036, DIT Kevin St. Conall O’Griofa will be co-presenting and Damon Berry will hopefully be helping out too. We’ll be using the following hardware: Laptops, PICkit 2, breadboard, dsPIC30F4011, … Continue reading

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Using pk2cmd to transfer a hex file onto the dsPIC30F4011

Since upgrading to MPLAB X, I’ve had difficulty using the PICkit2 from within the IDE, so I’ve mainly been using the PICkit2 helper application to transfer my compiled hex files to the dsPIC. However, there is another handy way of … Continue reading

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