Gitshots für Windows verwendet CommandCam

I originally wrote CommandCam (my command line webcam image grabber) for one of my engineering students who needed to add some simple machine vision functionality to his final-year project. To my surprise, we couldn’t find an existing free command line image grabber for Windows, so I wrote one. Once I published it online, I discovered that quite a few people were downloading it and some of them were using it for fascinating projects – photographing laptop thieves, time-lapse photography, etc.

Anyway, I came across another interesting use of it today. Gitshots is something clever that Víctor Martínez created for Mac OS to automatically take a webcam snapshot each time a programmer commits code to a git repository (that’s basically a source code management system). German software engineer Benedikt Eger wanted to do the same thing in Windows, so he came up with an elegant three-line hack (English translation) using CommandCam.

When you write a simple program like CommandCam and send it out into the world, it’s really interesting to hear about the places it ends up!

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3 Responses to Gitshots für Windows verwendet CommandCam

  1. moalmeyer says:


    The link pointing to your elegant three-line hack seems to be down.
    I would be happy to know how using CommandCam and gitshots


    • batchloaf says:

      Unfortunately, Benedikt’s site seems to be down and I can’t remember exactly what his three line hack was. I suppose you could try to contact him directly, but I don’t have an email address or anything. Sorry about that!


  2. The gitshots script which would work on windows (but via cygwin) is available here:

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