RoboSlam: robots for beginners

Next week, as part of our continuing drive to push the love of engineering and programming out into the wider community, Damon Berry and I are running a two-part robot building workshop for beginners called RoboSlam in MAKESHOP on Lincoln Place. Over the course of two evenings, each participant will build an autonomous robot vehicle from scratch and write a computer program to make it respond to its surroundings. The materials (electronic components, motors, etc) will be provided, but each participant will need their own Windows laptop to program the robot. Everyone gets to keep their robot at the end, so they can continue developing it and learning about robotics afterwards.

The workshop times are:

  • 18:30-21:00 on Tuesday 27th November
  • 18:30-21:00 on Thursday 29th November

There are still a couple of places left on this week’s course, so if you’re interested (or know someone else who might be), you can sign up via the Science Gallery website. It’s suitable for complete beginners, so if you know someone that’s interested in learning a bit about electronics, robotics, programming and engineering, this could be the perfect way for them to dip their toe in the water. In our day jobs in Dublin Institute of Technology, Damon and I are both lucky enough to teach this stuff to electrical engineers, so I suppose we’re well placed to give some insight into the kind of work people do in in an electrical engineering course in college. This isn’t a career seminar though – we just want everyone else to love building robots as much as we do!

You can read the documentation from the workshop here.

MAKESHOP is a collaborative workshop space on Lincoln Place (roughly in between Nassau St, Westland Row and Merrion Sq) created by The Science Gallery (which is a wonderful initiative of Trinity College Dublin). It’s a really nice little workshop and we’re really looking forward to taking it over for a bit of robot hacking.

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2 Responses to RoboSlam: robots for beginners

  1. Well done to you both.great work and GREEAAAT fun

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