dsPIC Workshop: Digital i/o, timing, PWM, UART

Today’s dsPIC programming workshop will take place from 2-4pm  in room KEG-036, DIT Kevin St. Conall O’Griofa will be co-presenting and Damon Berry will hopefully be helping out too.

We’ll be using the following hardware: Laptops, PICkit 2, breadboard, dsPIC30F4011, wires, LEDs, servo motors, USB-to-serial adapter.

We’ll be using the following software: MPLAB X, XC16 C compiler, PICkit2 helper application, Python.

The agenda for the workshop (with links to relvant resources) is as follows:

  1. Review dsPIC / PICkit 2 circuit.
  2. Basic program structure: MPLAB project, headers, functions, etc.
  3. Digital i/o: ports and special function registers.
  4. Timing on the dsPIC: Fosc, Fcy, Tcy, __delay32.
  5. PICkit2 logic analyzer.
  6. PWM (pulse width modulation): pins, PTPER, PDC1/2/3.
  7. PWM servo control demo.
  8. UART: Serial communication via PICkit2.
  9. UART: Serial communication via USB-to-serial converter.
  10. Python UART demo.
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1 Response to dsPIC Workshop: Digital i/o, timing, PWM, UART

  1. AJITH.P says:

    Dear Mr. Burke,
    I am new to coding. I am working on BLDC motor.Hall sensors of BLDC motor gives this change.Hall sensors give either 0 or 1 depending on the rotor position.I have to detect this change.I have to use change notification pin of DSPIC30F4011 to detect a change in input.Can you write a code to just detect the change in input and to blink an led.Your Help is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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