Next programming workshop: 2-4pm Thursday 30-8-2012

I’ m planning to run another programming workshop next Thursday, 30th August 2012. This workshop will build on the dsPIC basics that we covered in the previous workshop. Basically, I’d like to give a short guided tour of what I see as the most useful features of the dsPIC30F4011 microcontroller, with an emphasis on things I see people using in many final-year projects, such as:

  • PWM for DC and servo motor control,
  • UART for communication between dsPIC and PC,
  • Using a timer to perform regular sampling of an analog signal, etc.

In the coming days, I’ll prepare a blog post with an example program (along with a circuit diagram) demonstrating each sub-topic. Then, on the day of the workshop, I’ll talk through each example and show it working. I’ll try to cover whatever I can in 2 hours, but I’ll see if I can book the room for an extra hour (i.e. until 5pm), so that people who want to stick around can try out one or more of the examples themselves (with tech support from me and Conall O’Griofa who has kindly offered to assist).
To give me some idea of numbers, please comment below if you’re planning to attend (or thinking about it). Since most people at the previous workshop used their own laptops, I’m thinking about booking room KEG-036, which should work well since the first couple of hours of this workshop will be more presentation focused than the last one. You’ll only need a laptop if you want to try out any of the programs yourself on the day.

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13 Responses to Next programming workshop: 2-4pm Thursday 30-8-2012

  1. eamosfennell says:

    Il be there Ted. Cheers

  2. Aidan Heffernan says:

    I’ll be there Ted. Thanks.

  3. Keith Grehan says:

    I’ll be there cheers Ted

  4. Mikey Ward says:

    ill be there Ted thanks.

  5. Gian Lorenzo says:

    Count me in Ted, thanks.

  6. Yea, I’ll be there aswell Ted, thanks.

  7. If it is on until 5pm I’ll be in for 3:30, cheers..

  8. harrywilson says:

    Ye ill be there Ted. Thanks.

  9. harrywilson says:

    I’ll be there Ted. Thanks.

  10. Martin Reilly says:

    Il be there ted, thanks

  11. shaneconlan says:

    Il be there

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