First Programming Workshop next Wednesday 1-8-2012

The first of my series of summer programming workshops will take place next Wednesday.

Topic: Introducing the dsPIC microcontroller

Where: Room KEG-009, DIT Kevin St, Dublin 8

When: 2-4pm, Wednesday 1-8-2012

PIC microcontrollers have been enjoying a surge in popularity in DIT’s School of Electrical Engineering Systems, and the dsPIC30F4011 in particular has been widely used in final-year projects for the last couple of years. It’s a great workhorse of a chip – cheap, robust and very adaptable. Among other applications, I’ve seen it used for motor control, power electronics control, robotics, assistive technology, communication systems and real-time DSP. Also, it’s available in a DIL package and only requires a few connections to get up and running, so it’s ideal for breadboard prototyping. If you think you might find yourself using a dsPIC microcontroller in the future (e.g. in a final-year project), this workshop could be for you.

In this workshop,

  1. I’ll describe some of the key features of the dsPIC30F4011.
  2. We’ll all build a dsPIC30F4011 circuit from scratch on a breadboard.
  3. We’ll compile a run a simple C program for it using MPLAB.

Within the available time, we’ll probably just get something simple working (e.g. flashing LED), but I’ll give a preview of some more interesting applications that may feature in later workshops.

If you have your own laptop, it would be great if you can bring it along and use it for the practical work we’ll be doing. I’ll be posting again before Wednesday with more of the technical details we’ll be covering, including the software you need installed to program the dsPIC30F4011. The same goes for breadboard, PICkit2, pliers, snips – if you have these, it would be good to bring them along, although I’ll provide them if you don’t.

If you’re planning to attend:

  • Please leave a comment below to let me know.
  • Please let me know if you’ll be bringing your own laptop.
  • If you have your own breadboard, PICkit2 and/or tools please let me know.
  • If you have something that can shoot some decent video with (e.g. an iPhone), please let me know. I’d like to capture some video of a working circuit to add to the blog post after the workshop.
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19 Responses to First Programming Workshop next Wednesday 1-8-2012

  1. Gian Lorenzo says:

    I’ll be up for that. I’ll be bringing my own equipment too i.e. laptop, pickit, dspic, cameraphone. I’ll see you there.

  2. Darren keogh says:

    I’ll be attending the class on Wednesday and I’ll bring tools and laptop

  3. How’ya Ted,
    Yea, I’ll be attending aswell. I’ll bring my laptop, tools and camera. See ya wednesday.

  4. Mikey Ward says:

    ill be there ted, ill bring my laptop, tools and breadboard.

  5. Keith Grehan says:

    I’ll be there cheers Ted and I’ll have laptop and tools but will need Pic.

  6. paulleamy says:

    Hi Ted, I won’t be back in the country until the 22nd of August, but I can attend any workshops after that date.

  7. scolog says:

    Hi Ted, will be there….

  8. eamosfennell says:

    Hi Ted,
    I’l be there, Laptop, tools, breadboard and camera phone.
    Just need a PicKit.
    See you Wednesday

  9. joewellwood says:

    Hi ted ill be there with laptop+tools cheers

  10. graham burns says:

    Hi ted ill be there with laptop and tools thanks

  11. Can’t make it myself Ted as I’m on holidays but should be at any future classes.

  12. Aidan Heffernan says:

    Hi Ted, I’ll be there with laptop, snips and camera phone. Thanks.

  13. David Daly says:

    I’ll be there. I have the laptop and tools with me.

  14. Mikey Ward says:

    hi ted i will need a laptop if thats ok, mines acting up so need to leave it in to be fixed, cheers.

    • batchloaf says:

      No problem Michael. It looks like the workshop will take place in KEG-009 tomorrow, so you should be able to log into one of the desktop computers there. I checked with Finbarr and he said the PCs in that room are still set up as they were during term, so hopefully there shouldn’t be any problem.

  15. Hi ted, il be attending I hav a laptop and tools.

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