Reloading the ASUS EeePC 901 wireless network driver in Ubuntu 11.04

My netbook is an ASUS EeePC 901. It has served me well for a couple of years and mostly works well with Ubuntu Linux. There are a couple of persistent driver issues though. The most serious one is that in the last couple of Ubuntu versions, there is a reliability problem with wifi connectivity. It generally connects to the wifi network initially, but after a while network traffic seems to slow down dramatically or grind to a complete halt. Also, if I stop and start the connection, or if I try to switch to a different network, the connection cannot be reestablished. This post describes a workaround that I use to get wifi working again without restarting the computer.

The EeePC 901’s built-in wireless network adapter seem to rely on several kernel modules (rt2860sta, rt2800lib, rt2800pci, rt2x00pci, mac80211 and others). The easiest way I have found to kick the wifi connection back into life is to unload and then reload the rt2800pci module. To do this, issue the following commands as root:

modprobe -r rt2800pci
modprobe rt2800pci

Once the module is reloaded, my wifi connection is automatically reestablished.

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2 Responses to Reloading the ASUS EeePC 901 wireless network driver in Ubuntu 11.04

  1. Nedim says:

    Very usefol for me in this moment :-). Thanks for advice.

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